Dreams of Home

March 18, 2017

Last summer Doug & Nancy called us after getting our number from the For Sale sign at one of our listings. After meeting together, they decided to write an offer on the property. They were looking for a beautiful spot to build a house on, a place where they could eventually retire to, where Nancy could raise some small animals and Doug could do some serious stargazing. For a variety of reasons, that first offer did not work out. So, we started on an adventure with them that came to a close recently as they found some beautiful acreage to call their own.
What starts out as a professional relationship changes at some point to one of professional & friendship and we feel so blessed by the people that we meet. When we walk away from the signing table we know we will miss hanging out and seeing our clients-turned-friends! But in our usual fashion, we’ve invited ourselves to see their completed build AND we know where Nancy works so we’re hopeful of keeping in touch! We wish you two the very best as your start your planning and building. May you create a place that welcomes you home each and every day! We so appreciate your business and thank you for letting us work for you.

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